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The Legal basis and principles of activity of the Internal Troops Logistics Department  are determined under the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Law "on the status of Internal Troops" of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Orders and Decrees of the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Internal Troops Commander. At the same time, the operations of the logistics services of the troops are organized under the Regulations of the Armed Forces of the Azerbaijan Republic, Decisions of the National Assembly and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic, as well as the terms of relevant normative-legal acts on supply issues envisaged by the legislation, and of regulations, orders, guidelines and decrees on logistics.

During the last years, comprehensive and planned actions were implemented to strengthen the material and technical base of the Internal Troops. Strengthening of material and technical base of the Internal Troops is the result of special attention and care provided to the Internal Troops by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Mr. Ilham Aliyev.
Improvement of life conditions of the personnel is also among the important issues, which are under the spotlight. Renovation and construction works have been implemented in the military units of the troops located in Baku city and other regions, new military camps, military barracks, residential complexes for officers and ensigns have been put into service within the recent years.
If we take a glance at the statistics of the constructive works implemented and still going on in the military units we would see that the welfare of each military servant in the Internal Troops is improved.
Military camps, residential buildings, canteens, and other social life facilities, which respond to modern standards, have been constructed in the Internal Troops in recent years. Renovation and construction works have been implemented, military barracks and various purposed warehouses have been built, repaired, and large, good looking residential complexes having all conditions have been put into service of officers and ensigns at the military units located in regions too. Today the relevant works are continued in the same manner.
Modular dormitories were also built in military units to improve the life conditions of single military servicemen. And for married officers and ensigns, apartment type dormitories supplied with all necessary equipment have been put into service.
4 residential buildings of 60-apartment and 12 dormitories have been built for the troops to improve the life conditions of officers and ensigns in the last one year. Construction of new military camps in Gabala region and Shirvan city, 12-storey service-residential building in Baku city, an apartment type dormitory in Nakhchivan, and 4-storey student dormitory at the Higher Military School were completed. The apartments have been supplied with necessary furniture and equipment.
More than 85 percent of officers and ensigns have already been provided with service-residential apartments.
A recreational complex was also built in the Nabran settlement of Khachmaz region military personnel to relax during their vacation.
In addition, the military units have been equipped with new automobiles, armored vehicles, helicopters, small and large-scale weaponry responding to modern standards in order to keep the combat training and preparation at the high level, and to enhance the professionalism of servicemen. Training camps were built and put into service for the purpose of increasing combat readiness and enhancing the effectiveness of the trainings.
All these are the logical proof of day-by-day development and strengthening of the Internal Troops, as well as the clear example of the high attention and care provided by the country President for the troops.