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Main page / INTERNAL FORCES / Duties of the Internal Troops

1. Protect important state objects, constructions on communications, and particular loads;

2. Participate in elimination of the consequences of accidents, fires, natural disasters and other similar events in protected objects and structures;

3. Participate in searching and arresting persons broken into a protected area;

4. Assist in prevention of mass riots in corrections facilities;

5. Participate in searching and arresting convicts and imprisoned persons escaped from the security;

6. Protect the warehouses and military bases of the departments for material-technical and military supply of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

7. Participate in protection of public order in cities and other residential areas by patrol-post service, as well as in ensuring public security during the held mass events, together with other internal affairs authorities;

8. Assist to the internal affairs authorities in taking immediate actions to rescue people, guard abandoned property, and to protect public order during accidents, fatalities, fires, natural disasters and other emergency situations, as well as while ensuring the legal regime of the state of emergency;

9. Participate in prevention of mass riots in residential areas;

10. Participate in protection of territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan as needed;

Other duties can be assigned to the Internal Troops only by the Law.