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In July 1994, the Troops personnel were involved in a special operation carried out in Gazakh-Aghstafa and Zagatala-Balakan regions in order to combat smuggling, and then significant results were achieved.
On December 8, 1996, a group of military servicemen of the military unit “N” serving on the post built up in the area near Saray settlement of Guba-Baku highway, implemented a special order for defusing the armed criminals, who had seized an automobile marked GAZ-24 car, and had taken citizens as hostage, with skill and courage. In consequence, one of the criminals fighting back with gun was detained, the other died of the wounds he had received, and the hostages were liberated.
In December 1996, the military servicemen of special purpose division of military unit "N" demonstrated an example of courage, and fulfilled the task resolutely in catching the armed criminal gang led by Elchin Amiraslanov.
In January 1999, the personnel of the troops were involved in special operation for restoration of in-house rules in prison during the emergency situation in the closed prison of the Main Department for Implementation of Judicial Decisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is located in Gobustan settlement, and professionally carried out the tasks incumbent on them.

In November 2000, the personnel of the military unit "N" of the Troops demonstrated courage and professionalism in prevention of mass riots in Sheki, fulfilled the tasks put forth and the public order was restored.
The crime situation in the Zagatala-Balakan districts sharply grew worse in June-September 2001. Armed criminals attacked the military unit "N" of the Troops on June 30 of that year. The officers of Zagatala District Police Division were fired by bandits on August 19. The military unit “N” has fulfilled tasks put forth with enthusiasm and dedication in a special operation aimed at searching and disarmig the armed criminals who had committed a series of terrorist acts in the region.

A special operation on disarmament of armed criminals was held within Gusar region territory with the participation of personnel of the military unit “N” on December 6, 2002. Those armed criminals had seized an automobile driven by a civilian, robbed a jewelry store in Gusar city and killed the merchant. The criminals fought back with guns when they were being disarmed. As the result of a special operation, one of the criminals was caught and the others were killed.
In 15-16 October 2003, mass riots were committed in Baku by provocation of radical opposition forces. The Internal Troops personnel have demonstrated enthusiasm and courage in preventing mass disorders, restoring public order and security in the capital city, and the illegal actions have been terminated.

In November of 2005, the Internal Troops personnel ensured the election to the National Assembly to be held under safe condition.
A group of convicts held a protest action accompanied by disobedience at the Penitentiary No. 11 of the Main Department for implementation of Judicial Decisions of the Ministry of Justice on February 15, 2005. The convicts holding the protest action set forward some requirements contrary to the detention rules in the institution, armored with different items, and forced other convicts to disobey by influencing them psychologically and physically. They also tried to commit fire in the institution. The prisoners committing disorder have caused a real threat to the life and health of other prisoners, as well as the employees of the institution by the metal parts and cutting-edge items they obtained.
With regard to the occurred situation, the Internal Troops personnel were involved in a special operation to restore normal activity in the Penitentiary No. 11 on February 16. Specific means were applied during the special operation in compliance with the legislation. The in-house rules were restored within the penitentiary at the consequence of the taken measures.
According to the joint plan of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, operative-regime measures were carried out with the involvement of the Troops in a number of prisons on February 19, 2005 in order to restore the rules in the penitentiary institutions, implement security measures, as well as to detect the items prohibited to be kept by prisoners and in facilities, and the preparation for committing crimes. With this regard, special groups consisting of the personnel of MDIT and its military units were created and went into action according to their assignments. The prisoners and the detention buildings at penitentiaries No. 2, 6, 12 and 13, as well as at Gobustan closed prison were reviewed. Several types and numbers of punching and cutting items, blunt tools and devices forbidden to use were discovered during the review.
The Internal Troops personnel demonstrated self-sacrifice, persistence and enthusiasm in detection of ammunition in special operation for the search of criminals during the special operation conducted to disarm the criminal group in August 2008 in Gusar region.

In 2009, the personnel of the troops assisted the local authorities for internal affairs in ensuring the public order during events conducted in a series of regions of the republic and the security of citizens in the Zagatala and Guba regions, as well as in prevention of natural disaster in Hajigabul city, and in the special operation conducted to search and catch the armed criminals in Aghdash region.    

In 2010, the Troops personnel have ensured the public order during mass events in a number of regions of the republic, as well as the protection and security of citizens in Zagatala, Sabirabad and Tartar regions by being involved in implementation of suddenly occurred and additional tasks. In addition, the personnel have actively participated in prevention of natural disaster in Sabirabad, Imishli, Salyan, Hajgabul and Saatli regions.

The personnel of military unit “N” of the Internal Troops demonstrated enthusiasm and professionalism in prevention of the mass disorder between the State Border Service officers and the residents of the village in connection with illegal fishing in Narimanabad village of Lankaran region, the tasks put forth were implemented and the public order was ensured on December 25, 2011.

The radical opposition forces used the words addressed to the population during one of the speeches of the head of Guba Region Executive Power as an excuse, provoked the region residents to disobey the local authorities and carried out an unauthorized rally on March 1, 2012. With regard to the situation, together with the police officers in Guba city the personnel of military unit “N” of the Internal Troops located in Guba prevented the illegal actions of a group of persons, successfully implemented the tasks put forward for the purpose of protecting public order and ensuring public safety, so the order was restored in the region.

On January 23, 2013, the Internal Troops personnel were involved in carrying out a special operation to ensure public security during certain events accompanied by the massive violation of public order in Ismayilli region, all service tasks were fulfilled and public order was restored.

The Internal Troops personnel actively participated in special operations conducted to search and disarm the armed criminals in connection with the crime cases taken place in Gusar region on October 16 and in Zagatala city on November 24, 2013, demonstrated courage and braveness, as well as overcame all service-combat tasks put forth with high professionalism.