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According to the article 13 of the Law «on Military Service» of the Republic of Azerbaijan, citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic and others, who respond to the specified requirements of military service may enter or be admitted to the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for overtime military service. That is the military servicemen completing the general military service period determined by the law, as well as the military officials (except for officers, ensigns) less than 40 years of age, and women between their 19 and 40 enter to the overtime military service of soldiers and sergeants on the basis of a contract.

Admission of applicants for overtime military service in the Internal Troops of the AR Ministry of Internal Affairs is carried out by the Human Resources Office of the Main Department of Internal Troops under the Law of "Military Duty and Military Service. In accordance with the Article 36 of the Law, the military servicemen must have at least secondary education, and must complete the temporary general military service,   determined by the law.
Those, who conform to the following requirements, shall be admitted to the military service:
- Height: 175 cm;
- Performing specified athletic norms;
- Being healthy in the result of medical examination.
The military servicemen admitted to service in the Internal Troops are provided with all kind of supplements and necessary assistance. They are also provided with apartments.

Our military servicemen demonstrated vigilance in the service

 Soldier Abiyev Tural Adalat, the serviceman of overtime military service in the troops for implementation of special tools in the military unit No. 99713 detained 3 civil citizens for violating the law, who were passing through the area on February 13, approximately at 1850, when he was at service in the “Athletes village” located within the territory, where the I European Games would be held. The Internal Troops serviceman showed vigilance for bringing them to justice, prevented the mentioned violation, and demonstrated a personal discipline.
In addition, the military servicemen of the military unite No.99713 approaching to execution of their duties adequately prevented another violation in maintenance of public order at the territory where they serve. So, soldier Hasanov Elvin Sahaddin and sergeant Mitubullayev Tabriz Agha, the overtime servicemen, who were on the post in the “Athletes village” on February 20 at approximately 0315 AM showed vigilance, stopped a civilian and handed him over to the officers of road patrol service chasing him.  
We can proudly say that our military servicemen adhere to the traditions of the Troops, demonstrate vigilance and give themselves in maintenance of public order today too. We wish success to the personnel of the military unit No.99713 in their honorable service.

 Ensign Rashad Aghaguliyev was born on September 6, 1985 in Baku. He was admitted to the “Mathematics and Informatics” faculty of Azerbaijan International University after completing secondary education in 2003. Successfully graduating the university in 2007, Rashad started his military service in the same year at the military unit No.“N” of the Ministry of Defense in Fuzuli region. Because he had great interest in science and knowledge he entered Eskisehir Osmangazi University in Turkey in 2008.
His knowledge, worldview, and patriotism attract him to military service. So, he started military service in the military service No. 99713 of the Internal Troops in 2013. Our serviceman being distinguished for his exemplary behavior and continuity in service from first days implements all tasks with great enthusiasm and becomes a role-model for his fellows. Currently he is holding the position of semi-group commander for implementation of special tools. The commander, who always keep combat preparedness at the high level, said that the serviceman is all the time vigil, and able to fulfill all tasks given by commandership in unconditional and rapid manner. He also noted that a true soldier must be driven, firm and willful: “Being solider demands drivenness and courage. Loyalty to the motherland, serving people must be inherent in person, and we must be ready to sacrifice ourselves for this purpose, as needed”.
The semi-group commander speaking about the specifications of working with personnel said that he pays special attention to each soldier in person, and gives them regular recommendations to make their moral and psychological state better.
All trainings and activities, especially shooting trainings are held in the military unit are kept under strict control. Ensign R.aghaguliyev, whose heart beats for love to the motherland, thinks that it is very important for the personnel to learn the tactical and technical specifications of personnel weapons in such a period, when 20 percent of our lands are under the occupation of enemy. As it is said, the military servant, who does not know how to behave with gun today, will not be able to defense the country tomorrow.