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Declaration of Head Office of Internal Troops of Internal Affairs of The Republic of Azerbaijan on admission to military service

Head of Office of Internal Troops of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan declare that there is vacancies for citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan on duties of sergeant and overtime military service.

    Requirements for vacancies:
    –    in accordance with the legislation, fully completed the actual military service, suitable for military service, physically prepared;
    –    candidates have to be over 25 by age and their height must be at least 175 cm;
    –    at least secondary education

    Characteristics of military service:
    –    At the time of admission to the service, a three-year contract is concluded, the term of the contract can be suspended or extended after expiration of the term of service;
    –    serving 100-150 km from their cities and districts;
    –    depending on their duties, receive a monthly salary of 850 manat or higher;
    –    single servicemen are provided with a dormitory, while rents are paid to families living in the rentals.

          Everyone who wants to be admitted to military service and registered in Baku city can apply to the Staff Department of the Head Office of Internal Troops of the Republic of Azerbaijan from 09:00 to 18:00 (except holiday days), and those registered in other cities or districts can contact the commanders of the near military units near regions. When applying, you should submit the following documents personally:
    –    identification card;
    –    military ID;
    –    study certification.

    Adress of Head Office of Internal Troops: Bakı coty, Binagadi district, G.Musabayov street, 4.

    Contact phones for more information: (012) 590 - 65 - 07, (012) 560 - 27 - 00.