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 The Military Hospital of the Internal Troops was established on a bloody day. The Officers of the Internal Troops who were wounded during the 1992-1993 war in the heat of the war were being treated at other medical facilities. In 1993, according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers dated on 10.01.1993, the building belonging to “Derin Ozuller” factory was designed for the hospital and transferred to the Internal Troops balance. However, it took time to fully prepare the premises for the use as a hospital. The building was beneficial as a result of the efforts and entrepreneurship of the military servicemen, doctors and nurses, who served at the hospital that time, for a few months and the patients were admitted to hospital on December 27, 1993. The operation record of the hospital covered regions Zangilan, Fuzuli, Gubadli, Agdam and Agdara regions. On the eve of battles in these regions, a military filed hospital was set up on the basis of the mutual agreement between the Chief of the Medical Department of the Internal Troops and the Chief of the Medical Department of the Ministry of Defense. The Chief of the Medical Department of the Internal Troops, the late Colonel Siyavush Rustamov did the general management of the military field hospital with 30 beds under the decree of the Commander of Internal Troops dated on 15.11.1993. During the activity period of the field hospital, a group of 76 doctors replaced one another. During this period, more than thousand of the servicemen of Internal Troops, and soldiers and the officers of the Ministry of Defense have received medical assistance by the doctors of this field hospital. It is enough to remember that about 500 wounded servicemen were admitted to the military field hospital located in Ahmadbayli village of Fuzuli region on 24-25 January 1994.

On 2 November 1993, the historical public address of Heydar Aliyev, the national leader of the Azerbaijani people, on radio and television became a necessary program for the reconstruction and formation of the Armed Forces completely. The great leader's word and deed led to great revival and enthusiasm in the Internal Troops. It was during that time that as a result of the battle at Fuzuli direction by the Internal Troops, Horadiz border post and over 12 villages were liberated from occupation in January 1994. It was then that many qualified doctors volunteered to serve in a military hospital.

 After the cease-fire in 1994, the second stage, that is, Formation and Development, construction period began in the life of the Internal Troops.

  At that time, the Internal Troops had a great responsibility. One of the main tasks of the troops was to maintain the stability of the republic, social security, briefly, the well-being of every citizen. The personnel of the military hospital were also part of such activities; they were involved almost in all the operations with other units of the troops, and the brigades of the doctors were able to cope with their duties.
All of these activities, service have played great role in the protection of the statehood, improvement of the rule of law and the criminogenic situation in general. The MIA administration and the Commander of Internal Troops have always valued the servicemen for their professionalism and courage shown for the sake of our state and statehood and highly appreciated them. Thus, 180 soldiers of the military unit were awarded various medals for “Perfect Service”, 158 of them with medal of “Anniversary” and 157 servicemen were awarded with “20th Anniversary” badge of the Internal Troops.

The recent years have been included to the history of the Internal Troops as the history of construction. Residential buildings, canteens, baths and laundry complexes and other social facilities have been built according to European standards.

 There are 12 divisions in the hospital: As a result of the attention and care of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the military hospital of the Internal Troops is not left behind the majority of public and private hospitals operating in the country today. So, the hospital changed its location and continued its function in its new and restored building since 15 December 2005. Here are all the conditions for the most difficult operations. Hospital is equipped with the latest equipment, modern diagnostic tools, permanent hot and cold water and heating system. Today, doctors at the Military Hospital, along with providing qualified assistance to the military servicemen, are in the care of their family members, as well as veterans of the Internal Troops.
-  Reception, Department of Therapy, Department of urology-nephrology, department of surgery, skin-venereal department, Department of psychiatric diseases, functional-diagnostic department, anesthesiology and intensive care department, surgery block, pharmacy, infection department and rehabilitation department.
In addition, there is pharmacy that contains all the medicines required, which is in use since 11 January 1993.
In a word, all military men and their family members applying to the military hospital of the Internal Troops are subjected to preliminary clinical examination, if necessary, placed in the relevant departments; and urgent medical assistance is provided. At the same time patients are provided with ambulatory and outpatient services.


Military Hospital with rich experience has celebrated its 22th anniversary

 The establishment of the Military Troops of the Internal Troops comes at a time when heavy fighting operations were carried out against the Armenian aggressors for the freedom of our lands. According to the relevant decision of the Cabinet of Ministers dated on 10 January 1993, the building belonging to the “Derin Ozuller” factory was intended for hospital and was given to the Internal Troops balance. Thus, the hospital of the Troops started functioning with a small doctor's group.
Today, the small group of these doctors has become the great medical specialists who are in charge of the health of our military personnel and their family members.
The New Year's Eve was remembered by another remarkable event in the life of the Internal Troops. The Military Hospital of the Internal Troops celebrated the 22nd anniversary on 10 January.
The Veterans of the Military Hospital and other invited guests were attending the ceremony. The official part of the event began with a minute of silence on the memory of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev. Then the National Anthem of Azerbaijan was played. Then Lieutenant Colonel Rasim Gudratov proclaimed the congratulations of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, the Commander of Internal Troops Major-General Shahin Mammadov. In his letter, he highly appreciated the activity of health workers who saved life of hundreds of our wounded soldiers from the front line in the early days of the Military Hospital: “…Today, the medical staff of the Military Hospital, which serves as a soldier to guard the health of the Internal Troops, is able to cope with the tasks, and ensure quality treatment of our servicemen in a short time...”. The Commander expressed his confidence that the staff will successfully fulfill their duties and increase their knowledge and skills and professionalism.
Then Lieutenant General Shamsaddin Heydarov made a speech. He evaluated the treatment of the wounded in a short period and their return to the battlefields during the fierce fighting operations in 1992-1993 as persistence and self-sacrifice of medical workers. He also added that the doctor's brigade has properly performed their assignments at a time when the necessary medical equipment was not enough. Colonel Lieutenant Sh.Heydarov informed the participants that the fact that the hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment and diagnostic tools is a as a result of special attention and care of the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mr Ilham Aliyev.
Lieutenant Colonel Adil Hasanov and Major Jeyhun Abuzarov also made a speech in front of their colleagues and spoke of the consequences of the war and the difficulties of the times. Speaking about the most honorable and responsible moments of their lives in the war, the speakers reiterated that they did their utmost for the recovery of the wounded soldiers in the Qarabagh war. “Older doctors” have expressed that they have returned  534 servicemen to life in just two days, and most of them still serve in the military today.  The veteran Faig Aliyev, who was among the participants, has also made a speech to share his memories. During the speech he recalled the idea of the academician Vali Aliyev that “No one has the right to forget the history”, and advised to prepare a stand reflecting the glorious operational record of the Military Hospital. He said that this stand could be an example for our young doctors.
The official part of the event ended with the presentation of awards to the distinguished servicemen by Colonel Elchin Aliyev.
The 22nd anniversary of the Military Hospital continued with a concert program of the Soloists of the ExemplaryMilitary Orchestra of Internal Troops.
The "Asgar" newspaper receives a large number of letters of thanks from military men and their family members who have been or are treated and examined at the Military hospital of the Internal Troops.
This time, with the diagnosis of acute renal failure, I went to the hospital myself. During the examination, small sized stone was discovered in my left kidney. I was fortunate enough to get back to work shortly after  great efforts of the Lieutenant Colonel Rufat Hajiyev, as well as medical staff (little Master Sergeant Bahar Hamidova, Master Sergeant Aliya Aliyeva, Sergeant Sveta Gulueva, Master Sergeant Saadat Aghayeva,  Chief Master Sergeant Aida Aliyeva, chief Master Sergeant Elmira Gasimzadeh) in the hospital. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the medical team of the Urology Department, who did all the best for the successful implementation of my treatment, including the management of the hospital.
“Asgar” newspaper.