As it is known, in accordance with the relevant order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev, the process of recruitment of conscripts to active military service in the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs began on July 1. For the purpose of fulfilment of the requirements arising from the order, a selection group was set up to conduct a medical examination of conscripts and assess their moral and psychological condition by the order of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Commander of the Internal Troops “On carrying out organizational measures in connection with the selection, reception, transportation and enlistment of conscripts in the Internal Troops”. Chief of the Organization and Staffing Department at the Headquarters of the Internal Troops, Colonel Khalid Baghirov has been appointed head of the selection group.
    Deputy Commander of the military unit for educational work, Lieutenant-Colonel Mushfig Khankishiyev said that the recruitment of the conscripts to military service, their placement and proper training before taking military oath is one of the most important issues that the Internal Troops Command pays attention to. Gradual adaptation of conscripts to military service, acquaintance with the provisions of military regulations, as well as maintaining a high level of moral and psychological conditions are carried out in accordance with the approved action plan. First, moral and psychological training plans are developed and approved by the commander of the military unit.
    During the 45-day training period of newly recruited soldiers, all measures are carried out in accordance with this plan. During the training, special attention is paid to the queue, socio-political, physical and fire training. They are taught the purpose and tasks of the Internal Troops, the tactical and technical characteristics of the weapons in use, the rules of taking aim and security, the articles of the relevant regulations, which reflect the relations between servicemen, as well as the relevant provisions of legislative acts as well. In the last week, practical shootings are carried out and each soldier is evaluated individually.
    Lieutenant-Colonel M.Khankishiyev also said that before the conscripts pass examination of the military medical commission, at the reception point, members of the selection group - Lieutenant-Colonel Khalid Huseynov at the Office of Moral and Psychological Training of the Main Department of the Internal Troops on personal staff, Officer Captain Sadig Rafiyev in the press service, trainer and Senior Lieutenant Nail Nazirov at the Department of Educational Work of the military unit “N”, and Deputy Commander of the Department of Application of the Special Means on educational work, Senior Lieutenant Ruhin Mammadov at the Unit of Application of Special Means of the military unit “N” hold talks with them.
    During the talks, the demographic information of the conscripts, their occupations, family situations, worldviews, patriotism, attitude to the army, social status, education, skills and business qualities, the presence or absence of convictions of close relatives are studied in detail. They are also explained the advantages of military service, and, in order to instil sacred feelings, such as loyalty to the state and statehood, love for the Motherland, fighting spirit, to raise the moral and psychological state, information is given about the glorious battle path and heroes of the Internal Troops. After all the information is collected, an opinion on the moral and psychological condition of each conscript is prepared and submitted to the military unit.
    Conscripts are examined in turn by a physician-therapist, dentist, chief ordinator-ophthalmologist, chief ordinator-cardiologist, chief ordinator-radiologist, undergo a general physical examination, as well as preventive-fluorographic examination.
    The member of the group informing about the medical examination of conscripts, Chief of the Sanitary-Epidemiological Group in the medical service of the Main Department of the Internal Troops - Lieutenant-Colonel of the Chief Sanitary-Medical Service Vugar Ibrahimov said that the temperature of all conscripts brought to the military unit is measured at the checkpoint, and each of them are provided with a mask. After being examined by doctors in turn, in connection with the spread of coronavirus disease all over the world and in our country, doctors of “Medical Territorial Units Management Association” take analysis from all conscripts. Conscripts who pass the examinations are given opinions by the military medical commission and are recruited to military service only if they are considered to be practically healthy. He added that all necessary conditions are created in the military unit for the normal work of medical personnel, as well as the health of servicemen are checked daily, and talks are held with them on the use of medical masks and gloves.
    Attention is paid to the provision of conscripts with belongings, as well as clothing appropriate to their body sizes. In addition, educational talks are held with them by cluster and platoon commanders in the military unit, and appropriate advice is given on how to adapt to military service.
    All this gives reason to say that the process of recruiting conscripts is successfully carried out under the supervision of the Internal Troops Command.