A video-conference on “Condition of battle order in the Internal Troops in due time of 2021” of the Military Council was held at the Head Administration of the Internal Troops on April 23.
    Speaking at the meeting, Head of Military Council, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Commander of the Internal Troops, General Lieutenant Shahin Mammadov emphasized that condition of battle order in the Internal Troops, organization of educational work, activity outcomes on strengthening legality and upcoming tasks are one of the key aspects for increasing exercise.

    He took notice of that high spiritual-psychological condition of our military servicemen, upbringing them for the higher purpose as liberation of Homelands during the 44-days Patriotic War against the Armenian invaders under the leadership of Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan Republic, Supreme Commander in Chief of the Victorious Azerbaijani Army, once again proved the being one of basic conditions of achieved glorious victory. Internal Troops of the Ministry for Internal Affairs have done their part and martyrized for the Motherland in achieving this victory. Internal Troops of the Ministry for Internal Affairs have also done their part in achieving this honorable victory.

    After Lieutenant General Shahin Mammadov announced agenda of the meeting, Deputy Commander of Internal Troops – Chief of Staff Department, Major-General Vidadi Aliyev made a report “on the condition of combat order in the due time of 2021”.

    It was highlighted that currently educational work with the staff was directed to the strengthening legality and military discipline, preventing injuries and non-statutory relations, providing personal example of commanders and chiefs, developing spiritual-psychological environment in the collective, increasing knowledge on socio-political preparation of military officers. Importance of historic victory achieved in the Patriotic War of the Azerbaijani Army, great government construction process, liberation of our territories under the occupation and increasing the prestige of our state in the international arena have been advocated among personal staff.

    The fact that the personal staff of the Internal Troops together with police officers served in the liberated territories decently, participated in maintaining safety measures, achievements was highly appreciated by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Minister of Internal Affairs.

    Taking awareness measures among the staff, rising a healthy moral and psychological environment of the youths, having a healthy lifestyle, propaganda works on damage of drug addiction to society and people health due to performance of duties arising from requirements of relevant State Program approved by the corresponding Orders of the President of Azerbaijan Republic was also mentioned in the speech.

    At the end, Major-General Vidadi Aliyev expressed his assurance that heads of departments and services of the Main Department, command of military units will resolutely work for maintaining achievements, as well as preventing current shortages shortly; every serviceman will spare no effort to strengthen combat order conditions, carry out service-combat duties and will be more responsible for implementing upcoming requirements and tasks.

    Later, reports of the commanders and deputy commanders for educational work on the reasons of current situation, causes of significant shortcomings were heard. During the speeches it was noted that, the spiritual-psychological condition of the staff is satisfactory to completely implement their duties arising from the tasks set.

    Closing the meeting, Lieutenant-General Sh. Mammadov stressed the staff of Internal Troops will serve decently, as well as always do their best to maintain surely public safety, our citizens’ well-being by demonstrating the loyalty to the nation and state, and wished those lucks in their activity by assigning tasks to the relevant authorized persons.