Deputy Minister of the Internal Affairs –Commander of the Internal Troops attended in an oath of enlistment ceremony of young soldiers.  

    On August 07, an oath of enlistment-in ceremony of newly recruited soldiers was held at the military unit of the Internal Troops of the Internal Affairs of Ministry. The ceremony commenced with a minute of silence for the dear memories of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev and our martyrs, who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of our lands. The national anthem was performed to the accompaniment of Exemplary Directive Military Orchestra.

    Taking the oath of enlistment, the soldiers promised to protect the welfare of the Republic of Azerbaijan, its sovereignty territorial integrity and independence with honor, and not to spare their lives with this regard.

    The acting commander of the military unit, Lieutenant Colonel Telman Hasanov made a speech and reminded the meaning of the oath of enlistment, the honorary and responsible duties incumbent on military servicemen swearing to be loyal to their nation, to the Republic of Azerbaijan as well as the requirements of the relevant articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the soldiers.

    Then, the Deputy Minister of the Internal Affairs, the Commander of the Internal Forces, congratulated the soldiers on the occasion of an oath of enlistment. The Commander of the Internal Troops stressed that this remarkable date is one of the unforgettable and memorable days in every soldier's life. He emphasized that the Internal Troops which is an integral part of Azerbaijani Armed Forces established by the National Leader Heydar Aliyev, had high combat readiness, social and material-technical base thanks to the special attention and care of the Great Leader. Today our dear President, Commander-in-Chief Mr. Ilham Aliyev successfully maintains traditions of our Great Leader, his attention and care to the Armed Forces. Today, continuous measures are being carried out according to the Minister of the Internal Affairs, Colonel-General Vilayat Eyvazov’s orders and instructions to strengthen the vocation and combat readiness of the Internal Troops.

    Noting an oath of enlistment is the first step taken by the soldiers to become a brave and loyal citizen of Azerbaijan, General-Lieutenant Sh.Mammadov said that motherland entrusts its destiny those, who love their land, nation and are ready to sacrifice their lives for its sake: “Let us have only sense to serve the Homeland honestly and decently in your heart and thought. I wish you to implement all assigned tasks successfully, protect and raise the name and reputation of the Internal Troops you involved in”.

    Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs – Commander of Internal Troops once again congratulated the soldiers on the occasion of an oath of enlistment and assured they will be always ready to fulfill the order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic, Commander-in-Chief Mr. Ilham Aliyev and Minster of Internal Affairs, Colonel-General Vilayat Eyvazov for the state and statehood, to respond to the high attention and care provided by our state with selfless services.

    The ceremony was ended with a solemn passage of the personnel.

    It should be noted that an oath of enlistment ceremonies were taken in other two military units with the participation of Deputy Commander of Internal Troops – Chief of Material-technical Maintenance Department, Major-General Fakhraddin Samadov and Chief of Inspection in the Head Office of Internal Troops, Colonel Rashadat Nabiyev.