On November 9th, the military oath event of the draftees, who are newly enlisted to the service in Internal Troops, was held. High Officials of the Headquarter of the Internal Troops, members of the veterans board and the parents of the soldiers participated at the event.

The event commenced with one minute calm of the precious memory of our martyrs, who sacrificed their life in favour of the lands, and National Leader Haydar Aliyev. The State Hymn was performed with accompaniment of Military Orchestra. 
The soldiers took the military oath and promised that they will honorably defend the interests, its sovereignty, integrity of the territory and independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan and they will not grudge their life for this mission.
Commander of the Military Unit, who made a speech at the event, underlined the provisions of the relevant articles of the Constitution, honorable and responsible tasks which are put on the military servants, honorably taking military oath in front of the Government of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Azerbaijan, its nation, meaning of the oath which is taken by the soldiers.

Moreover, the congratulation of the Commander of the Internal Troops-Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is addressed to the soldiers in terms of military oath, is conveyed to the soldiers.
It is emphasized that like whole personnel of the troops, the military servants, who took the military oath, bear the personal responsibility for each task, put forward by the Supreme Commander of the Military Forces, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. In addition, attention and care for further strengthening of the Internal Troops will strongly motivate each young person, who serve in our lines, to fulfill his duties with courage.
The assurance about success for the strengthening and protection of the statehood, reliance to the charter and military oath, the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan by each military servant, enlisted to our lines.
The persons, who made a speech regarding with ceremonial event, congratulated the young soldiers with sincerity and called them to be brave, disciplined, to learn the military knowledge, always to be ready for the defense of the motherland.

At the same time, it is proudly emphasized that the soldier of Azerbaijan, who concentrates the characters of the bravery, courage and boldness which are the heritage of our ancestors, is the honored defender of the motherland, hope of the Azerbaijani nation.
The event is ended up with ceremonial passage of the personnel.