A group of servicemen of the Internal Troops was awarded the medals "Veteran of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan" and "For the faultless service" 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees according to the relevant order of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
On this occasion, the awarding ceremony was held at the Main Department of Internal Troops on June 29.
Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Commander of the Interior Troops Lieutenant General Shahin Mammadov presented the awards to the military servicemen. He congratulated the awarded military servicemen on behalf of the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Commander of the Internal Troops and he evaluated this as a high appreciation for the activity of the Internal Troops. 
Note that, according to the order, 321 servicemen were awarded medals. 17 of them were awarded the medal "Veteran of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan”, 38 persons were awarded 1st degree, 83 persons were awarded the 2nd degree and 183 persons were awarded the medal “For the faultless service”.