Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs -Commander of the Internal Troops estimated satisfactory the preparation of troops administration of the Internal Troops to winter, as a whole the works done to better the logistical assistance and social-living condition of the military personnel.
    The next meeting dedicated to the condition of the preparation of troops administration of the Internal Troops to winter, of the Military Council was held in the Main Department of the Internal Troops on October 2.

    Chairperson of the Military Council, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs-Commander of the Internal Troops, Lieutenant-General Shahin Mammadov who opened the meeting with welcoming remarks noted that President of Azerbaijan Republic, Commander-in-chief of Armed-Forces Mr Ilham Aliyev always pays attention to logistical assistance of the Armed-forces of Azerbaijan Republic as well as the Internal Troops, social-living condition and material well-being of the military service men.

    It was stressed that in the recent years the modern technique, arms, ammunitions and special items were bought in the Internal Troops and given to the military personnel to use, several important military objects were opened and socially oriented objects were repaired. Also, the provision of the military personnel was carried out comprehensively according to the existing standards and logical assistance of service and fighting tasks was organized well. It was noted that these directions of service and fighting activity of the Internal Troops are of the priority issues that the Minister of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic keeps front and centre.

    In the meeting Deputy-Commander of the Internal Troops – head of Logistical assistance Department, Major-General Fakhraddin Samadov made a report on the condition of the preparation of the troops administration of the Internal Troops to winter.

    It was noted that in this regard current repair was carried out in the military objects and served areas of the troops and essential maintenance support was made for equipments in order to supply heating schedule. Additionally relevant measures were taken and arrangement of parks was checked to ensure the constant use of vehicles in winter to keep highly the military battle readiness of the troops. Supplying the military personnel with warm clothes and changes in the food menu according to defined standard were specified for winter, as well.

    Major-General F.Samadov made a report on the preparatory measures to maintain the health of the military personnel in cold weather at the end of his speech  and noted that the relevant measures were taken to eliminate the existing faults regarding to the preparation of the troops administration to winter.
In the meeting of the Military Council reports-speeches were made about the current situation by the deputies on logistical assistance, of commanders of some military units, reasons of faults and shortages made in the activity and the works done to eliminate them.
    Lieutenant-General Sh.Mammadov summing up the meeting gave tasks to officials on the preparation to winter. It was assuredly stressed that the military personnel of the Military Troops will use rightly the made condition in return the state care, maintain and end winter well by keeping high military battle readiness.