Congratulation was delivered on military oath-taking ceremony of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs – Commander of the Internal Troops, Lieutenat-General Shahin Mammadov.

On August 11, a military oath-taking ceremony of the newly recruited soldiers was held in the “N” military unit of the Internal Troops. First Deputy Commander of the Internal Troops – Chief of Staff Major-General Tofig Huseynov, members of the Council of Veterans and soldier’s parents attended the event.

The ceremony began by paying tribute to the cherished memory of National Leader Heydar Aliyev and Martyrs who lost their lives for the freedom of our lands. The National Anthem was sounded under the accompaniment of the Symbolic Indicator Military Orchestra of the Internal Troops.

Soldiers take an oath and gave a promise to protect the interests of the Republic of Azerbaijan, its sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence, as well as not to begrudge their lives.
Commander of the military unit, Colonel Ahliman Ilmazov gave a speech and explained the meaning of the military oath, honorable and responsible task on servicemen who take an oath to stay faithful before their nation and the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as he mentioned the requirements of the relevant articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Then congratulation was delivered on military oath-taking ceremony of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs – Commander of the Internal Troops.  Confidence was expressed in the Congratulation related to the honorably serving the Homeland, strict observance to the military oath and Charter requirements, as well as high combat readiness and firm discipline.

Major-General T. Huseynov sincerely congratulated the soldiers who accepted the military oath and noted that this remarkable date will be unforgettable and memorable in every soldier’s life. He addressed the soldiers that each military servicemen should serve the Homeland, nation, state and statehood with endless devotion: “You bear responsibility of citizenship and military serviceman. Don’t forget that the Homeland entrusts its destiny to those who love their land, their nation and those who is ready to sacrifice their lives for it. You have to justify this confidence and belief with your services. Try to serve the Homeland with dignity, to fulfill the tasks entrusted successfully and to protect reputation of Internal Troops”

Nurlan Ibrahimli who gave a speech on behalf of the soldiers said that they would proudly remember this remarkable day and noted that military oath sets very difficult and honorable task on them: “Motherland entrusts its destiny to us – soldiers. Thus, we will serve faithfully for the sake of strengthening our state and statehood, we will try to justify this confidence with our selfless service”. Then, addressing on behalf of veterans, Vagif Nasibov congratulated veterans on this day and wished success to newly recruited service soldiers.
Other guests also congratulated soldiers on the occasion of military oath-taking and wished them success in their service.
The ceremony ended with a solemn march of the military staff.