Next event was held in the basis of joint efforts of the Administrator of the Executive Power of Sabail district and Commanding of Internal Troops in order to make summer holiday more productive as every year.

The sent-off ceremony of the young and teenagers to the military-patriotism biased “Shahinlar” summer vacation camp was held. It was organized on 3rd of July in “Sahil baghi”, situating in the center of our city for the 13th time.
Primarily, national anthem of Azerbaijan Republic was sounded with accompaniment of the Example Military Orchestra of the Internal Troops.

Speaking in ceremony, First Deputy of the Head of Executive Power of Sabail district Khalida Bayramova talked about done work by the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev in the direction of bringing up the young and teenager healthy, in the spirit of love to Motherland and loyalty to the statehood. She stressed care of Mehriban Aliyeva, the first Vice-president of the country, to the children and teenagers, her conducted projects in this direction, as well as done works in Sabail district and wished a merry and memorable holiday to the children.

She noticed that the performance of the camp, which had been provided with everything necessary for holiday, would be in the center of attention of both Executive Power of Sabail district and Internal Troops, as well as other organizations taking part in this project.
Speaking about done works for making holiday of children more meaningful and memorable, the Chairman of the Main Department of the Internal Troops colonel Matlab Ganbarov noticed that some organizational works had been carried out by taking into consideration that the camp, established in military unit No “N” is military-patriotism biased.

It is noted that the children, who would be sent off, and their parents held meeting with group leaders of the camp, were informed about organization of holiday, internal rules, following events comprehensively. Necessary clothing and uniforms and sport equipment were bought for children.
Then the children were sent off in buses to Guba after meeting with their parents with the march played by the Example Military Orchestra of the Internal Troops. Before the departure the “Shahinlar” visited the monument of the national leader Heydar Aliyev in the Alley of Honor.

We should mention that 100 students, including children of the disabled people of Karabakh war, veterans, families with low-income, distinguished children in sport and education, as well as children bringing up in “SOS-Azerbaijan” village, children of Ombudsman Apparatus, and the children presented by UAFA, would rest in the camp organized in military unit No “N” of Internal Troops in Guba region. They would be provided with meal with high calories, fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products for four times in a day. In rest days visits would be organized to the sightseeing places and historical parts of the district, as well as they would meet with military unit of Internal Troops more closely.
Besides sport and pre-military training teachers, working in secondary school of the district, military officers would be engaged with the training-educational issues of the children in camp