The “N” military unit of the Internal Troops, based in Baku, performed a military swearing-in ceremony for new recruits on November 11.

    Participating at the ceremony was Major General Ingilab Muradov, Head of the Personnel Department and Deputy Commander of the Internal Troops.

    The ceremony opened with a tribute to our martyrs who gave their lives defending our nation’s independence and to National Leader Heydar Aliyev. A prime example was the playing of the National Anthem by a military band.

   The soldiers swore an oath to defend the Republic of Azerbaijan’s interests, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence with honor, and they vowed to sacrifice their lives to do so.

    During the event, Colonel Telman Hasanov, the military unit commander, gave a speech to the soldiers and reminded them of the significance of the military oath, the noble and accountable responsibilities of military personnel who pledge allegiance to their country, the Republic of Azerbaijan and its government, as well as the pertinent articles of our Constitution.

    Next, the troops received congratulations from the Commander of the Internal Troops, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, on the occasion of their military swearing-in. The congratulations stressed that all military personnel, including those who have taken the pledge of allegiance, are personally accountable for completing any mission assigned by Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Furthermore, it was underlined that every young man serving in our ranks is motivated to carry out his responsibilities with tenacity by the consideration and care shown to the Internal Troops’ continued strengthening. It was observed that every military serviceman should thoroughly comprehend the significance of this sacred pledge, which requires them to swear to defend the independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of our country with all of their might.

    The congratulatory note further mentioned that the members of the Internal Troops made valiant sacrifices and waged an honorable war throughout the 44-day Patriotic War, which culminated in our people’s great victory, and in anti-terrorist actions. It was stated with confidence that every member of our armed forces would uphold the Republic of Azerbaijan's Constitution, military directives, and rules, and that they will succeed in order to safeguard and fortify our nation.

    Those who spoke on the occasion of the solemn day sincerely congratulated the soldiers and called on them to be brave and disciplined, learn military knowledge and always be ready to defend the Motherland. The ceremony ended with the ceremonial passageway of personnel.