It is especially proud that Baku will host world and continental championships in various types of sports, as well as international tournaments and festivals. The close acquaintance of the citizens coming from foreign countries with the culture and art of our people during the prestigious competitions held by our country for several years creates ground for us go down in history as one of the most important countries in the world.

This year, it is no accident that the “Technofest Azerbaijan” Aerospace and Technology Festival will be held on May 26-29 in the territory of “Baku Crystal Hall” and Seaside Boulevard. It should be noted that “Technofest” is Turkey's largest aviation, space and technology festival. The event is organized annually by “Turkey Technology Team” – T3 Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey since 2018. For the first time, Azerbaijan participated in the “Technofest” Aviation, Space and Technology Festival in 2021. “Technofest” Aviation, Space and Technology Festival to be held in Azerbaijan for the first time outside Turkey is another manifestation of friendship, brotherhood and strategic alliance between the two countries.

During the festival, the personnel of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, involved together with police officers in the measures on protection of public order and provision of public security, protection of the territory and control-release, coped with full responsibility on the implementation of the tasks set.
The territory and objects to be organized by the event were examined and analyzed from the point of view of the organization of the service, and the relevant commander staff was familiarized with the places of service. The personnel to be involved in the implementation of service-combat tasks were asked to explain the importance of the event, the principles of maintaining legality and to approach the implementation of official duties responsibly. During the Festival, it was determined to equip the military personnel to be involved in the implementation of the tasks with the necessary number of radio stations, hand-held metal detectors and other means, to check their suitability. Identification of the unit to be involved in perimeter service in the “Baku Crystal Hall”, the specification of the combat report, the selection of personnel to be placed in the transport and inspection areas to operate there, and the distribution of service places has been provided.

The appointment of the personnel of the sapper group, which will be instructed to conduct inspection activities in the territory of the Baku Crystal Hall was also one of the issues not to be overlooked. During the Festival, all measures were taken to organize the service special attention was paid to the transportation of personnel, their nutrition, provision of medical services to military personnel, efficient organization of leisure time.
As can be seen, the personnel of the Internal Troops having sufficient experience in ensuring public security during the event successfully fulfilled all the tasks set this time again.