A video-conference on “Final results of service combat activity and upcoming tasks in 2020” of the Military Council was held at the Head Administration of the Internal Troops.

 Speaking at the meeting, Head of Military Council, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Commander of the Internal Troops, General Lieutenant Mammadov Shahin emphasized that victory in 44 day Patriotic War of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces under the leadership of Victorious Supreme Commander in Chief, President Ilham Aliyev against the Armenian invaders should be firstly stressed during the final results of service combat activity: “Armenia was forced to sign an act of capitulation and put an end to the 30-year occupation policy of the hostile country as a result of this defeat. Internal Troops of the Ministry for Internal Affairs have done their part and martyrized for the Motherland in achieving this victory. May God have mercy on all our martyrs and wish our veterans a speedy recovery. The performance of relevant duties has been identified in the liberated lands after the war and now personal staff of the Internal Affairs continues their activity together with police officers”.

Also, it was noted that assigned tasks have been done decently with police officers and activity in this regard is satisfactory during the special quarantine regime announced in our country due to coronavirus pandemic raising a mutiny in the world.

First Deputy of the Internal Troops Commander, Chief of Staff Major General Tofig Huseynov made a report on final results of service combat activity in 2020.

It was remarked that Azerbaijani Armed Forces liberated our eternal lands by bashing to the Armenian Armed Forces and won a historic victory. Internal Troops of the Ministry for Internal Affairs played its own role for performing this historic mission: “65 servicemen of personal staff martyred in the Patriotic War, 347 injured. I would like to give point to proudly that 1377 personnel was awarded with different classified orders and medals according to the relevant order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic for their special services on restoration of territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan and heroic example while performing combat missions to destroy the enemy during the liberation of the occupied territories, as well as showing bravery and manhood while doing their military service duty”.

It was also pointed that assigned tasks and identified duties were completely carried out in the current year. Personal staff of the Internal Troops together with police officers participated in maintaining public order and ensuring public safety during the legal and pandemic quarantine regimes, as well as a number of important public and other events related to the military situation and pandemic; identified duties were performed properly and high quality. Taking into account several restriction requirements due to the quarantine pandemic, training process in the troops were implemented according to the requirements of proper directive.

    It was also stressed that the organization of educational work and military discipline conditions of the staff was satisfactory in 2020. Public-political events happened in the Republic have always been kept in the center of attention. Great government construction process under the leadership of Supreme Commander in Chief, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev, importance of historic victory achieved in the Patriotic War, liberation of our territories under the occupation and increasing the prestige of our state in the international arena have been advocated among personal staff. Strengthening the rule of law and military discipline, prevention of injuries and irregularities, establishment of a healthy moral and psychological environment in the teams were among the issues in focus.

Subsequent continuation of measures with regard to strengthening material-technical base in the Internal Troops, coordinating barrack-welfare standards of personal staff to the modern standards and ensuring necessary demands of servicemen according to the maintenance norms were also paid attention.  It was noted that main directions of troops’ material-technical maintenance were directed to provide military units with means required for performing duties and service combat tasks to be assigned.

Health condition of the personal staff were always at focus of attention; necessary treatment-prophylactic and sanitary-epidemiological measures were taken for this purpose; necessary medical measures were taken for the treatment and rehabilitation of servicemen wounded and injured in combat operations for the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan as well as special attention was paid to the prevention of the spread of coronavirus infection among the staff, its possible consequences, early detection of diseases, including timely hospitalization and treatment. Measures against anti-epidemic, various virus and infectious diseases were implemented in the military units in a timely manner.

Later, reports of the commanders and deputies of several military units on the reasons of current situation, causes of significant shortcomings were heard. During the speeches it was noted that, the military units have completely implemented their duties arising from the tasks set.

After the speeches, Commander of the Internal Troops gave instructions to the officials concerned regarding upcoming tasks.

Closing the meeting, Lieutenant-General Sh. Mammadov highlighted that supply of the Internal Troops which is an important structural division of the Ministry for Internal Affairs with modern weapons and technical means, social welfare standards of staff are always paid attention by the Minister of Internal Affairs Colonel-General Vilayat Eyvazov. Informing that the history of heroism and daily service of the staff of the Internal Troops in the Patriotic War was duly appreciated by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev, he said that this attention and appreciation of our activities will undoubtedly inspire the personnel of the Internal Troops to achieve greater success in the future. He assured that the Internal Troops’ staff will perform the duties to be assigned completely and resolutely, and wished servicemen good luck in their activity.