On July 14, meeting “Final results of service combat activity in the first half-year of 2020 and upcoming tasks in the second half-year” of the Military Council was held at the Internal Troops through the video-conference.
    Acting with a speech of welcome, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs – Commander of Internal Troops, Lieutenant-General Shahin Mammadov stressed that Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has fulfilled implementation of the service-combat tasks set in the first-half year of 2020, especially tasks set related to ensuring the special quarantine regime were successfully fulfilled by the police officers and this activity are underway.
    It was addressed that the most important event during service-combat activity last year was that President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Mr. Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of a military unit of the Ministry of Defense in Aghstafa district on March 04. The opening of military unit, as well as condition established for serving was certainly empathized as a logical result of successful broad-gauge reforms and construction works.
    After Lieutenant General Shahin Mammadov announced agenda of the meeting, First Deputy of the Internal Troops Commander, Chief of Headquarters Major General Tofig Huseynov made a report on final results of service combat activity and upcoming tasks in the first half-year of 2020.
    It was noted that timely, qualitative and full-scale fulfillment of service combat missions that identified during the first-half of the current year and suddenly appeared, noticeable discipline and comprehensive provision of structural divisions were priorities. Providing high combat readiness of the units and divisions, effective use of forces and means, flexible, confidential and continuous management, organizing mutual activity, maintaining combat service, increasing vocational and professional training of the staff have always been in the focus of attention of the Headquarters of Internal Troops as main tasks. For this purpose, teaching correct, flexible decision-making skills in rough conditions to the commanding staff, enhancing theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the staff, effective use of weapons, special means and combat techniques at various operational conditions, enhancing physical training, establishing reliable and interrupted communication, organizing and necessary provision of military service.
    Then, Deputy Commander of Internal Troops – Chief of Staff Department, Major-General Vidadi Aliyev stressed that the organization of educational work and military discipline conditions of the staff was satisfactory at the first half-year.
    It was highlighted that over the past period, educational work with the staff was directed to the strengthening legality and military discipline, preventing injuries and non-statutory relations, providing personal example of commanders and chiefs, developing spiritual-psychological environment in the collective, increasing knowledge on socio-political preparation of military officers.
    Later, reports of the commanders and deputies of several military units on the reasons of current situation, causes of significant shortcomings were heard. During the speeches it was noted that, the military units have completely implemented their duties arising from the tasks set.
Closing the meeting, Lieutenant-General Sh. Mammadov stressed the human health is the most important factor as stated by the President of Azerbaijan Republic, Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces, Mr. Ilham Aliyev and once again emphasized that at the heart of all this is the policy pursued by the President, which is the citizen of Azerbaijan, his social security and welfare regardless of problems, damage to economy triggered by special quarantine regime in the normal life of the country.
    Furthermore, military servicemen should strictly comply with quarantine rules as a citizen besides do their part during the special quarantine regime.
    It was highlighted that the staff of Internal Troops is always ready to carry out orders and instructions of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Ilham Aliyev and Minister of Internal Affairs Colonel-General Vilayat Eyvazov.
    At the end, Commander of the Internal Troops gave instructions to the officials concerned regarding upcoming tasks. He assured that the staff of Internal Troops will serve decently, as well as always do their best to maintain surely public safety, our citizens’ well-being by demonstrating the loyalty to the nation and state, and wished those lucks in their activity.