As is known, from 20 July to 28 July this year, our capital hosted the next international competition “European Youth Olympic Festival”. As it always has been, in this competition, the personnel of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs together with the police, were involved in the protection of public regulations and provision of public security. 

Military training of personnel of Internal Troops has been checked in connection with the European Youth Olympic Festival 
Prior to the competition, on July 16, military training of servicemen to be involved in protecting public regulations during the European Youth Olympic Festival and provision of public security, solution of provision and munition issues, as well as condition of vehicles were checked at the meeting in the presence of Commandership of Internal troops at military unit no. N of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It was reported that timely execution of combat services tasks and planned preparatory measures for the full implementation of assigned tasks was performed during the competition. First of all, all necessary documents, as well as relevant plan-computation were prepared, division of personnel on service fields was taken, main control center was established in order to coordinate the joint activities of the police and troops, organization of mutual relationships between the organizers of event and concerned government agencies. The areas and facilities where the competitions will be organized were reviewed and analyzed in terms of organization of service, the commanding personnel was visually familiarized with the service locations. The importance of event, lawfulness, principles of protection of the rights and freedom of citizens were explained to the personnel involved in the performance of combat service tasks and they are asked a responsible approach to the performance of their duties. Nonetheless, it was noted that special trainings were held on the topics of assigned facilities, provisions of release mode at the checkpoints, the participation of female servicemen who involved in the service is provided for relevant trainings. In order to check the preparations for the event, there was a review of special formed units, special uniforms and comprehensive provision for the personnel, including women servicemen who will be involved in the service along the perimeter and special equipments and provision with communication devices and vehicles. In general, training of the personnel was evaluated as satisfactory and the importance of responsible approach to the tasks set for implementation of European Youth Olympic Festival and timely and full performance of the planned measures taken for aforementioned event was emphasized. At the end of the meeting, specific tasks related to the performance of the service were set and it was assured that the tasks will be performed at the highest level.
Preservation of race and non-race facilities was provided safely by our military servicemen 
As we mentioned, servicemen of the Internal Troops together with the police, have started to serve in order to protect public regulations and public security in the race facilities.  All the tasks set by them on the purpose of preservation of race and non-racing facilities were successfully performed. Inasmuch as, during the competition, preservation of areas along the perimeter was provided and the tribunes and other facilities installed for spectators by the engineering and fortification groups were inspected in advance and appropriately protected. 
The release mode was provided at the checkpoints, service dogs were also used to inspection of civil vehicles that were allowed to move. The tasks set out in the mentioned directions were fully performed and no drawbacks were made in the implementation of the services.  
Furthermore, as a result of prior instructions with conscripted military personnel, as well as special attention to their mental-psychological and individual qualities, ethical behavior rules in communication with citizens, especially foreign guests, have been strictly followed. 
During the competition, all preventive measures were taken in order to highly organize the service, transportation of personnel, their nutrition, provision of medical service to the military servicemen and efficient organization of leisure time. A number of situations of violation of law were prevented as a result of the alertness of our servicemen while carrying out the combat service tasks.  Thus, the personnel of Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, having sufficient experience in provision of public security, has successfully performed all these tasks during this prestigious event this time.