Solemn swearing-in ceremony of the students who entered the Higher Military School of the Internal Troops this year was held on September 15. The members of the Board of Veterans and parents of the students participated in the ceremony.
The event started by the battle flag of the Higher Military School being brought.

    National leader of Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev and our military servicemen martyred for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our republic were commemorated for a minute of silence, and the state anthem was performed accompanied by Exemplary Directive Military Orchestra of the Internal Troops

    Head of the Higher Military School and Major General I.Mammadov made a speech and delivered the congratulations and recommendations of Deputy-Minister of Internal Affairs –Commander of the Internal Troops and Lieutenant General Shahin Mammadov on the occasion of swearing-in to the students. Then he mentioned the meaning of oath of enlistment, honorable and responsible duties of the students swearing faithfully for their people, Azerbaijan Republic and Azerbaijan government as well as the requirements of the relevant articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

    It was noted that the students who have joined our rank today, as the whole military personnel of the Internal Troops will fulfill worthily each task given by President of Azerbaijan Republic and Commander-in-chief of Armed-Forces Mr Ilham Aliyev, make efforts the ranks of the Internal Troops to be strengthened and not deny their selfless services to amplify our statehood more. 

    Then the students who newly entered the Higher Military School swore and promised that they will remain loyal to our native land-Azerbaijan and its people, maintain fairly the interest, sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of our state, and be ready to lay down their life for it.

    Nail Dadashov who made a speech on behalf of the students, informed that they will try to deserve to the oath of enlistment done by swearing on holy flag, learn faithfully the military work, continue and improve honorably the military customs, fulfill worthily  their honorable and demanding challenges and always justify confidence.

    Namig Dadashov who made a speech on behalf of the parents, congratulated all of the students as well as their parents and called them to help each student in this sacred and honorable course. He informed that along with the students, each parent is ready to fulfill worthily all order and tasks given by Commander-in-chief of Armed-Forces Mr Ilham Aliyev, as a soldier of the homeland.

    The event ended by the solemn parade of the military personnel.