A splendid ceremony was held on the occasion of first graduation of the High Military School of Internal Troops on 23rd of June.
  Minister of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic, colonel-general Ramil Usubov took part in the ceremony.

 At the beginning war flag of the High Military School was brought to the square. Then the dear memory of national leader Heydar Aliyev and military personnel martyred on the sovereignty and integrity of our motherland, sacrificed their lives in the implementation of service-battle tasks with one minute silence. National Anthem of Azerbaijan was sounded.
Speaking Deputy of Minister, Commander of Internal Troops, lieutenant-general Shahin Mammadov noticed that first graduation of the High Military School is one of the most significant days of the Troops.
    It is mentioned that military construction works were carried out in Internal Troops and its High Military School too. The high educational institution was equipped with all necessary logistical and training basis, fully-computeralized auditoriums, training cities were established in order to meet modern standards, special subject cabinets and foreign language centers were organized to increase intellectual level of the students in a very short period of time. 
 Minister of Internal Affairs, colonel-general Ramil Usubov delivered congratulations and kind wishes of the President of Azerbaijan Republic, Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev to ceremony participants. He noted that Internal Troops, one of the main structure bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs passed through an honorable way since its establishment, made great sacrifice for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan Republic, played important role in provision of stability and social security in country. The minister mentioned that the Internal Troops had become professional military body in the result of attention and care of the head of our country, by remembering the national leader Heydar Aliyev’s words: “Organizing the Internal Troops in correct direction is very significant issue in the state building.”
   Thanking to the Gendarmerie General Command of the Republic of Turkey and military experts for their undisputable role and uninterested help in highly-qualified staff preparation for Internal Troops, R. Usubov stressed the importance of the business relations with other analogical educational institutions of other countries for this issue.

 Minister Ramil Usubov said that High Military School was established in 2014 in order to prepare professional military officer personnel according to the decree by the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev who always paid great attention to the development of Internal Troops, thanks to Chief-in-Commander its logistics was strengthening year after year, all infrastructure objects were established. He noticed that the High Military School did great works in expert and professional military officer preparation in accordance with its definition and announced his certainty that the School would carry out its obligations quite well in the future. 
  Stressing the new period began in lives of graduates, the Minister of Internal Affairs congratulated young officers, their parents and relatives on the occasion of graduating High Military School successfully. He thanked to the management and officer-teacher staff of the high educational institution which prepares expert personnel and wished them success in such important activity.
 The minister awarded four students finishing with excellent grades – Emil Abdullayev, Ilkin Allahverdiyev, Khayal Jabrayilov, and Javid Maharramzade with School Leaving Certificate of Excellence and shoulder straps of military ranks of “lieutenant”.
Young officer Emil Abdullayev affixed symbolic memorial plague to the “age register”.
 Then the war flag was handed over to the students of third course and they performed March of school.
At the end the personal staff passed in front of the platform with ceremonial March.

Press release of the Ministry of Internal Affairs