Wishes and suggestions
"I'm proud of advanced development of Internal Troops of the Ministry of the Republic of Azerbaijan, our brother-country. Azerbaijan can be proud of such troops".

General Fevzi Turkeri,
Former General Commander
of the Gendarmerie of Turkey

"Internal troops have passed through an estimable development in a very short period. We believe that this process will be more intensified in the future".
Ishig Koshaner,
Former General Commander of the Gendarmerie of Turkey,
General, 2006

"We are pleased with the ongoing development of Internal Troops of Azerbaijan and will not deny assistance to achieve bigger success in the future".
Ibrahim Achigmeshe,
Former Chief of Gendarmerie Staff of Turkey,
General-Colonel, May, 2008

"We have things to learn from the Internal Troops of Azerbaijan".
Sergey Topchiy,
Deputy Commander of Internal Troops of
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation

"Azerbaijani graduates are disciplined and responsible".
Fikret Demirtash,
General-Colonel of
Gendarmerie of Turkey
August, 2008

"There is a similarity between National Guard and Internal Troops of Azerbaijan. Today, there are many opportunities for expansion of cooperation between these two structures".
Harry Wyatt
Commander of Oklahoma National Guard of USA,
Major General, April, 2008

"The Internal Troops have risen to European standards in a very short period. The training level of the troops is comparable with those of German, Italian, Turkish and Hungarian police".
Swan Unger,
Germany Schleswig-Holstein Federal
Provincial Police officer,
June, 2008

"The recent development process of the Internal Troops is satisfactory. The Troops have taken major steps in the performance of obligations".
George Katsirdakis, Head of Section in NATO's Defence
Policy and Planning Division
November, 2007

"We highly appreciate the training level of the Internal Troops, the skills they show in international trainings affords grounds to say that".
John MacGregor,
The Head of Politico-Military Unit at the OSCE
January, 2008

"The thorough development of the Internal Troops makes me very happy. I would like to emphasize the training of Special Forces".
Jan Hayjou, Former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to Azerbaijan
July, 2007

"Improving year by year, the Internal Troops became a structure ready to show it loyalty to state and government, and distinguished with its professionalism".
General-colonel Ramil Usubov,
Minister of Internal Affairs

"It's worth exchanging practices with the Internal Troops of Azerbaijan on the use of applied weapons and special tools".
Victor Philistovich, Deputy Minister of Internal affairs of Belarus,
Major general of militia, July, 2008

"I have great love for soldiers of Internal Troops. I have seen their courage in war many times. Being formed passing through difficult challenges, the Internal Troops have had great services for Home. The Internal Troops' path is a good example for the youth.
I believe that today the Internal Troops has heroism for Home, for liberating our lands from occupation".
Tirma Gurbanova,
Director of the school #3
named after National Hero Matlab Guliyev

"Recent activity of the Internal Troops is estimable. Disturbances and illegal acts occurring in the country are prevented by the forces of Internal Troops. The troops may be proud of such courageous officers and soldiers".
Nizami Jafarov,
Director of Ataturk Research Center,
deputy, doctor of science

"Overcoming very difficult and hard challenges, the Internal Troops has become a  structure loyal to its state, government and nation. The Internal Troops are the guarantee for stability. Azerbaijani citizens respect the Internal Troops that protects their peace and tranquility".
Khalida Bayramova
Deputy Head of Baku city Sabail district Executive Power,
President of Scientific Women Club

"Acquaintance with the Internal Troops left very positive impressions on me. Loyalty to the state, responsible approach to their duties is typical features of military servants. Such men are needed for protecting the Home".
Aydin Mirzazada,

"I deem it a moral responsibility for myself to meet with the Internal Troops. Their glorious struggle and path shows that the Internal Troops stand armed on guard of Azerbaijan".
Chingiz Abdullayev,
National writer of Azerbaijan

Letter of Appreciation
Main Department of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan
The exemplary-demonstration orchestra of the Internal Troops, accepting our request, demonstrated high-quality performances at the event dedicated to the day of "Knowledge" held at our school on 15th September of 2014. Military marches and military music irrespective of the time and place, calls people to struggle and triumph. On the first day of school, our students entered the building under the sounds of march. We are grateful to your collective for creating high spirit in our in our guests and students. Collective of "Baku Modern School" express their gratitude to Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Commander of the Internal Troops, Major General Shahin Mammadov. We wish to hear triumphal march by the orchestra on the day of triumph of our army.

Sincerely, G.O.Afandiyeva,
Director of "Baku Modern School"

Letters from parents of soldiers
To Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs -
Commander of the Internal Troops,
Major General Shahin Mammadov

Dear Mr. Commander!
On 14th July 2014, my son, Ilkin Aliyev was called to military service by Yasamal district Department of State Service according to Mobilization and Call for the Military Service and sent to military part #67987 of the Internal Troops. Although very little time passed, visiting our son, we were pleased with the attention, care and nice approach to our son by all military servants, including high-rank officers.
On 4th of August, Ilkin's birthday was celebrated in the military part and this event created high spirit in the soldiers. My son Ilkin Aliyev as all serving soldiers, says he is pleased with created clean environment, high-quality food and attention of the management.
For all the above mentioned, on behalf of soldier parent, I express my deep gratitude and appreciation to you for care shown to our sons.

Sincerely, Aliyev Firuz Asger

To Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs -
Commander of the Internal Troops,
Major General Shahin Mammadov
Dear Mr. Commander!

We, the citizens of Yalavac village of Imishli region, Kazimov Qedim Israfil and Kazimova Vesile Alizade would like to inform you that our son Kazimov Araz Qedim was accepted to military service in October of 2013 and started serving in the military part #N of the Internal Troops, located in the Bilajari settlement. Our son as all soldiers, serving well, gained sympathy of commanders.
In the 7th month of his service, A.Kazimov was hospitalized under neurological diagnosis to the Military Hospital of the Internal Troops. Hearing this news, as a parent, we felt bad, but accepted normally, because a person can have health issues. However, timely diagnosis and elimination of this problem is a result of the attention to Azerbaijani soldiers. Thanks to good people, such military doctors as Heydarov Shamsaddin, Mukhtarova Narmin, Mammadova Shukufa for supporting me.  They recovered my son's health by doing their best. The above mentioned doctors literally did everything they can, showing responsibility to their profession.
As parents, we again express our gratitude; because you duly perform the orders and commands by the Commander in Chief to increase attention to personal stab. Now, we, the parents, can undoubtedly send our sons to the army and to battles for liberation of our lands.
We again express our gratitude.

Sincerely, Kazimov Qedim Israfil