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 On October 15, a regular meeting of the Military Council was held at the Main Directorate of the Internal Troops, dedicated to the state of military discipline in the Internal Troops, consideration of citizens’ appeals and preparation of the military economy for the winter season.

Chairman of the Military Council, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Commander of the Internal Troops, Lieutenant General Shahin Mammadov, who opened the meeting with an introductory speech, said that independent statehood, independent foreign and domestic policy are the priorities of the national ideology in our country, which is confidently moving forward. The implementation of various development models, the implementation of socio-economic reforms, the development of civil society and the rule of law while maintaining social and political stability are the reality of modern Azerbaijan.
It was also noted that September 27 is celebrated in the Republic of Azerbaijan as the Day of Remembrance, the memory of the fallen soldiers of the Internal Troops is honored, events were held with the participation of the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the command of the Internal Troops in accordance with the relevant action plan.

Then the deputy commander of the Internal Troops, head of the personnel department, Major General Ingilab Muradov, focused on strengthening the rule of law and military discipline, successful completion of tasks, fostering the spirit of patriotism, and forming a healthy moral and psychological environment in teams. Also, the socio-political events and events of the state level in the republic have always been in the spotlight.

The speaker noted that the servicemen of the Internal Troops would work diligently to protect the achievements made in strengthening military discipline, as well as to eliminate existing shortcomings in a short time, and would be more responsible in fulfilling the requirements and duties.

Then, Deputy Commander of the Internal Troops - Chief of the Logistics Department, major-general Fakhraddin Samadov made a report on the state of preparation of the military facilities of the Internal Troops for the winter season.

It was noted that the preparation of the military economy for the winter season is one of the priority issues in the continuous provision of combat training of units and subunits, in combat training, in the performance of service and combat missions, in meeting the material and cultural needs of personnel, in the preparation of barracks and housing stock, technical and medical equipment, weapons, machinery and equipment, in the maintenance of material and technical means, in general, in the comprehensive provision of the troops.

In order to conduct preparations for winter, the “Action Plan for the preparation of the military economy for the winter season of 2022 at the Main Directorate of Internal Troops, the Higher Military School, the Training Center and military units” was prepared in a planned manner and is sent to the Higher Military School and military units for implementation. The requirements of the order and the action plan were studied by the relevant officials and the timely implementation of the measures was monitored.

In connection with the transition to the winter season, the personnel of the troops are provided with seasonal clothing items, the supply of food, the issuance of personnel in accordance with the standards, the quality of food, the sanitary condition of military canteens and public catering facilities were under control, veterinary preventive and therapeutic measures were taken among service animals.

Also, in order to maintain the combat readiness of the troops at a high level, appropriate measures were taken to ensure the uninterrupted use of equipment in the winter season, and the readiness of park farms was checked. Trainings were held with personal staff on the topics of driving vehicles in bad weather conditions, carrying out seasonal maintenance and operating vehicles in winter.

In addition, a report was also made on the implementation of preventive measures to protect the health of personnel in cold conditions.

At a meeting of the Military Council, reports and speeches by a number of commanders of military units were heard on the current situation, successes achieved in activities, as well as the causes of mistakes and shortcomings, and work was done to eliminate them.

Concluding the meeting, Lieutenant-General Sh. Mammadov gave instructions to officials on the complete completion of the work provided for by the action plan to strengthen military discipline and prepare for the winter season, provide logistics and medical support to personnel, improve social and living conditions, and operate equipment. It was assured that in response to the care of the state, the personnel of the Internal Troops would continue to maintain high combat readiness and conscientiously fulfill the tasks assigned to them, especially in the territories liberated from occupation.  

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