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    The chairman of Military Council, deputy minister of internal affairs - commander of internal troops lieutenant- general Shahin Mammadov opened the meeting and noted that the organization of educational work within Internal Troops, strengthening military discipline and legality was one of main aspects in increasing military battle readiness.

    It was noted that purposeful reforms that had been implemented thanks to political foresight, leadership and hard work of National Leader of Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev had created strong foundation for sustainable and dynamic growth of our country in subsequent years. The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev develops reliable statehood strategy with great competence. Our military victory in the 44-day Patriotic War under the leadership of the Commander-in-chief has further increased the prestige of Azerbaijan in international arena and created new geopolitical reality in the South Caucasus region.

    After announcing the agenda of the meeting by the Lieutenant- general Shahin Mammadov, the deputy commander of Internal Troops - the chief of HR Department Major- general Ingilab Muradov made a report on the status of military discipline within Internal Troops for corresponding period of 2022.

    The report said that the contingent of Internal Troops, who had adequately fulfilled the duties assigned to them over the past period, had adhered to their oath and demonstrated high professionalism and vigour in the protection of public order and internal security in the republic, in the fighting against the crime, in general implementation of the service and battle operations set.

    It was noted that educational work with the contingent was aimed at strengthening legality and military discipline, preventing injuries and non-statutory relations, ensuring personal example abilities of the commanders and chiefs, creating healthy moral and psychological environment within the team, increasing the knowledge on social and political training of servicemen. With this purpose, the measures on educational work carried out within military units were taken under control, analyses were carried out on the status of military discipline, and corresponding recommendations were given on the activities.

    As well, the importance of historical victory of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan in Patriotic War, magnificent state- building process, increase in the authority of our country in international arena as a result of the liberation of our occupied lands were widely promoted among the contingent.

    At the same time, it was emphasized that corresponding instructions had been prepared and sent to military units and their execution had been kept under control in order to prevent crime, incidents and gross disciplinary offences, timely prevention of negative facts within Internal Troops. The speaker also noted that social and political events, state- level events in the Republic had been always in the spotlight, the study of the ideology of Azerbaijanism and rich political heritage of National leader Heydar Aliyev had been provided, the speeches of the head of state at important events and end events, as well the theses sent from the Administration of President related to this had been widely used in public and political trainings and other educational work events.

    The report said that enlightenment work had been carried out among the contingent related to the implementation of the roles that had been arisen from the requirements of corresponding Government programs approved by relevant orders of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, that the promotional work had been strengthened related to raising moral and psychological status of youth, healthy lifestyle, the harm of the drugs for the society and people.

    At the end of his speech, Major- general I.Muradov expressed his confidence that the Chiefs of the departments, divisions and services of Head Department, the command of military units should work hard in order to maintain obtained achievements, as well to eliminate existing shortcomings in a short time, each serviceman should do his best in the improving the status of military discipline, successful implementation of service and battle operations, should approach more responsibly to set requirements and fulfilment of the duties.

    Then, the reports of a number of military unit commanders and their deputy for educational affairs were heard on current situation, achievements in the activity, as well the reasons for occurrence of the defects and shortcomings, the works that had been performed for their elimination.

    The Lieutenant -general Sh.Mammadov ended the meeting and given instructions to corresponding officials, as well expressed his confidence that the contingent of Internal Troops should continue to worthily serve by demonstrating their commitment to the people and the government, as well should always work hard for reliable protection of public security and well-being of our citizens and wished them successes in their activities.