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   As in all international events organized in our country in recent years, specific tasks have been set for internal affairs bodies to ensure security during the final matches of the European Football Championship held at the Baku Olympic Stadium. According to the relevant action plan of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the day before and during the games held on June 12, 16, 20 and July 3, tasks were set before the Internal Troops to maintain public order and ensure public safety, and the numerical composition of the forces to be involved in this regard was determined.
    In order to properly carry out the tasks determined, the Main Department of the Internal Troops carried out preparatory measures, prepared forces and means to be involved in the performance of the service at the Baku Olympic Stadium, the “FAN” zone of the Seaside National Park, as well as non-competition venues provided for this event.
    The day before the competition, the distribution of personal staff by service areas was carried out, the coordination of joint activities with other law enforcement agencies was clarified, necessary measures were taken to organize interaction with the organizers of the event, relevant government agencies. On June 9, at the Baku Olympic Stadium, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Commander of the Internal Troops, Lieutenant-General Shahin Mammadov held a series of inspections of servicemen and clarified the tasks in the service areas.
    Personal staff were involved in special trainings on protection of entrusted facilities, inspection of pedestrians and vehicles, ensuring access mode, the importance of the event, the rule of law, the principles of protection of citizens’ rights and freedoms were explained to them, and it was brought to their attention that holding the competition of international importance in high security conditions is a clear example of the strength and power of our country.
    At this international event, the field engineers inspected competition and non-competition facilities, and our female servicemen were involved in security measures and adequately performed their duties in ensuring special access mode.
    Personal staff to be involved in the event were provided with all kinds of logistics and special uniforms.
    It should be noted that during the games, services related to security and special access mode were organized at a high level, no law violations were noticed, and it should be highlighted that the personal staff of the troops once again adequately carried out the tasks set at an important international sporting event.