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    Today international community continues to fight against coronavirus pandemic, world countries make joint efforts to prevent the spread of dangerous infection. Serious complications of coronavirus infection in separate states confirm that government bodies could not cope with the situation, population did not comply with the quarantine measures to the required level. Such situation is a serious threat factor for the safety, sustainability of the health system, social-economic stability of those states.

    Azerbaijan is a state not asking for help from the international community regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, but spares no effort in this direction to foreign countries. The effective measures are being taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in our country from the declaration of the pandemic by the World Health Organization up to now. The special quarantine regime was declared in the territory of our country according to the relevant order by the Mr. Ilham Aliyev, The President of the Azerbaijan Republic. He leads the overall implementation of quarantine measures against pandemic by establishing the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers; coordinates the activities of government bodies for this work. Our country manages to get out of this human disaster with minimal losses as a result of varied preventive prophylactic measures taken under the leadership of the President, epidemiological situation is under control. The borders of our Republic are temporarily closed, though our compatriots left helpless in foreign countries are gradually being returned to the homeland. Inter-regional free movement of citizens within the country was restricted.

    Our state provides financial aid for our citizens not working related to the pandemic, low-income families. There are special regime hospitals for the treatment of patients infected with coronavirus. The modern hospital complexes, as well as modular hospitals are at the disposal of patients diagnosed with COVID-19. The institutions producing medical masks, other protective equipment, disinfectants were opened in our country. Thousands of people passed a medical test to define the infection. Moreover, the Coronavirus Response Fund was established. The technological innovations are being applied to ensure the quarantine regime. The awareness measures are widely taken among the population on the coronavirus infection.

    The Slogan “We are strong together” put forward by Mr. Ilham Aliyev, The President of the Azerbaijan Republic are a call for the public solidarity in front of threat we faced. Achieving a strong state factor and social solidarity is very important to prevent and eliminate adverse effects of the pandemic. The vast majority of our citizens supports the mentioned call of the Head of State by properly understanding this issue, expresses their gratitude for state care provided to the population even letters addressed to him during sensitive days.

    The great public and social importance of the Slogan “We are strong together” by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief is clear for the staff of the Internal Troops and veterans with the current situation. As every call of the Head of State in his appeal to our people on this issue, our servicemen and veterans express their support.

    The military personnel of the Internal Troops together with the police officers decently function and demonstrate examples of professionalism to ensure the quarantine regime rules in our capital city and districts for a few months.

    The veterans of the Internal Troops also strictly comply with the quarantine regime, contribute to conduct wide enlightenment in social networks, press, communication with separate groups of the publicity on this issue. Our veterans transferred funds to the Coronavirus Response Fund. Additionally, a group of veteran actively participated in providing food aid to the low-income families during the quarantine regime and now these measures are being taken.

    Our reserve and retired veterans evaluate payment of pensions and veteran benefits according to the special schedule, as well as day consistency preventing citizens from collecting in front of ATMs, facilitating adherence to the principle of social distance as a manifestation of state care for them.

    Generally, Azerbaijan prevails human factor, people health and social welfare as a matter of priority in its domestic and foreign policy despite of economic losses during difficult pandemic world faced.

    As a society, we should demonstrate solidarity in the fight against the pandemic, support our state, avoid to violate the quarantine rules, strength public censure against our irresponsible compatriots, value the efforts of our doctors, medical employees as a whole, never bear the existence of an enemy country wishing our country to stumble over the outcomes of this infection and weaken.

    The national consolidation and public solidarity are the basic foundations of existence and sustainable development of each state.