After the 44-day Patriotic War, which ended in victory, the military personnel of the Internal Troops, carrying out vigilant service
together with policemen in the cities and regions included in the economic zones of Karabakh and Eastern Zangazur professionally perform the duties assigned to them by law, make their proper contribution to ensuring security.

As is known, in recent days, representatives of environmental activists and non-governmental organizations have protested against the plunder of our natural resources in the territories under the temporary control of Russian peacekeepers, especially against the illegal exploitation of the Gizilbulag gold deposits and the Damirli copper-molybdenum deposits, as well as environmental terrorism in the Karabakh economic region are conducting peaceful actions on the part of Lachin-Khankandi road.

The security of the participants of the action is provided by military personnel and police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The service, organized to ensure security, is accepted with gratitude by the participants of the action. The slogans applauded by the activists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, military personnel and police officers are a manifestation of public sympathy, as well as a positive assessment of their activities.

Press Service