This year, from June 10 to 12, our capital once again hosted the “Formula-1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix”. The personnel of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs involved together with the police officers in the measures of protection of public order and provision of public security, protection of the territory and application of control-release regime during the sports competition, also coped with the tasks set and approaching the implementation of the duties with full responsibility.

It should be noted that, first of all, the General Management Center was established to coordinate activities with police officers, to respond quickly to changes in the situation, to organize interaction with the organizers of the event, relevant government agencies and the relevant plan-account was prepared and the division of the personnel on service areas was carried out. The territory and objects to be organized in the competition were examined and analyzed from the point of view of the organization of the service, and the relevant commander staff was familiarized with the places of service. The personnel involved in the implementation of the set tasks were explained the importance of the event, the legality, the principles of protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens, and a responsible approach to the execution of their duties was required.

On the eve of the competition, the service readiness of military personnel to be involved in the implementation of the tasks determined, the solution of supply and supply issues, as well as the condition of vehicles were checked. Special attention was paid to uniforms, comprehensive provision of special units, personnel to be involved in the service along the perimeter, as well as women military personnel, provision of special tools and equipment, means of communication and vehicles.
In addition, special trainings were held on the protection of the assigned facilities, application of the release regime at checkpoints, and participation of female military personnel to be involved in the service was also provided in the relevant trainings.

The racing and non-racing facilities were protected by our military personnel and the stands installed for the audience by engineering-sapper groups and conventional facilities were checked in advance and put on proper protection. At checkpoints, a check-in mode was provided, and service dogs were widely used during the inspection of civilian cars with a traffic permit. The tasks set in the mentioned areas were fulfilled in full and there was no fault in the service.
Also, as a result of pre-training with servicemen involved in the service, as well as special attention to their moral, psychological and personal qualities, the rules of ethical behavior in communication with citizens, especially foreign guests were strictly followed.

During the competition, all preventive measures were taken to organize the service the transportation of personnel, their nutrition, the provision of medical services to military personnel, and the efficient organization of their leisure time were kept in the focus of special attention.
As can be seen, the personnel of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs having sufficient experience in ensuring public security during the event successfully fulfilled all the tasks set this time again.