On July 8, the meeting of the Military Council dedicated to the “Results of the service-combat activities of the Internal Troops in the first half of 2021” was held in the format of a video conference at the Main Department of the Internal Troops.

    Speaking with his introductory words, Chairman of the Military Council, Deputy Minister of the Internal Affairs, Commander of the Internal Troops, Lieutenant-General Shahin Mammadov noted that the most memorable event of the first half of 2021 was opening ceremony of a new military camp of the Internal Troops military unit located in Sabunchu district of Baku with the participation of the President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev. This was generally accepted as a high value given to the service-combat activities of the troops, a factor imposing responsibility to achieve better results.

    It was noted that the tasks set by the Internal Troops during the competent international sporting events over the past period, as well as the duties set in the liberated territories and to ensure a special quarantine regime during the coronavirus pandemic, have been successfully carried out together with the police officers and this activity is still ongoing.

    After the announcement of the agenda of the meeting by Lieutenant-General Shahin Mammadov, First Deputy Commander of the Internal Troops - Major General Tofig Huseynov made a report on the results of service-combat activities of the Internal Troops for the relevant period of 2021.

    According to the report, the personal staff of the Internal Troops, who have special services in protecting independence and internal stability in our country, demonstrated that they are highly professional, combat and moral-psychological trained, actively participating in ensuring public safety and maintaining public order, combating crime and fully ensuring the implementation of tasks set forth. Protection of state and military facilities for half a year was ensured.

    At the same time, in accordance with the relevant decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the personal staff of the troops together with police officers were involved in the performance of post-patrol service for the purpose of implementation of tasks set forth for protection of public order in the liberated territories, protection of important vital infrastructure, prevention of terrorism, sabotage and other illegal activities, application of special regime of entry and exit and execution of other important duties.

    Also, the tasks set by the personal staff involved in the performance of the service for maintenance of public order during the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix held in Baku and the final matches of the European Football Championship at the Baku Olympic Stadium were implemented with high professionalism and in full.

    The service-combat tasks set by the field engineers of the Internal Troops were also successfully implemented. First of all, it should be noted that a group of personal staff consisting of field engineers together with the employees of the Mine Action Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan were involved in the implementation of service-combat tasks for demining of the territory of the liberated Shusha city, Fuzuli, Zangilan and Gubadli regions. The activities of the field engineers during international sporting events were also satisfactory.

    In addition, combat training was considered a priority in daily service activities. Thus, in order to increase the field experience of servicemen, to ensure their individual skills and joint activities, personal staff were involved in field trainings, shooting exercises, methodical training sessions were organized with qualified servicemen. During the first half of the year, the combat readiness of the personal staff was regularly checked.

    Over the past period, the educational work with personal staff was aimed at strengthening the rule of law and military discipline, prevention of injuries and non-statutory relations, ensuring the personal example of commanders and commandants, creating a healthy moral and psychological environment in teams, increasing the knowledge of servicemen on socio-political training. For this purpose, the state of military discipline in the troops and the educational work carried out were taken under control, relevant instructions and recommendations were given in this direction.

    Over the past period, measures were continued in sequence to strengthen the material and technical base of the Internal Troops, the barracks and living conditions of personal staff were brought into line with modern standards, the necessary needs of servicemen were provided in accordance with supply standards, and the required machinery and equipment were purchased. The main directions of the logistical support of the troops are aimed at providing the military units with the means required for the implementation of the forthcoming duties and service-combat tasks, especially in the liberated territories.

    At the end of his speech, the reporter said that the personal staff of the Internal Troops will always be ready to further implement the tasks set forth, the combat readiness of military units and sectors will be maintained, professional training of servicemen will be increased, a healthy moral and psychological environment will be created.

    Afterwards, reports and speeches of the commanders of several military units on the current situation, significant drawbacks and causes of shortcomings were heard. During the speeches, it was noted that, in general, the military units have fully carried out the duties arising from the tasks.

    Summing up the meeting, Lieutenant-General Sh.Mammadov considered the service-combat activities of the Internal Troops in the 1st half of 2021 as satisfactory in general and gave instructions to the officials for the successful implementation of the tasks set for the 2nd half of 2021, and expressed his confidence that the personal staff of the Internal Troops will continue to serve the people and the state with dignity, and in response to the attention and care of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev, they will continue to adequately perform the duties arising from the orders and instructions of the Minister of Internal Affairs, and, together with the police officers, will maintain stability and public order in the country.