According to the "Calendar plan for planning and organizing major events, combat training in the Internal Troops in 2020", On February 25-26 there was a methodical training meeting with the commanders of the detachments and troops. A total of 28 servicemen were involved in the methodological and educational meeting.

Deputy Chief of the Internal Troops, Head of Operations and War Training Department, Colonel Zafar Aliyev noted that according to the approved training schedule, classes were organized with military personnel in parts of detachments (troops) on organizing combat and socio-political preparatory exercises, planning combat training. The main purpose of the meeting was to further improve the activities of detachment and troop commanders in combat training, identify areas for improving the quality of the training, and develop a method for organizing this process.

In addition, the training center of the Internal Troops adopted the requirements of the governing documents, the Universal Regulations of the Armed Forces and the training for firing.
At the end the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Commander of the Internal Troops summarized the training and instructed the participants in 2020 to maintain the highest level of management, combat training and strengthening of military discipline.