According to the relevant order of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, on February 17 in the Training Center of the Internal Troops regular classes began with the students of the School named after A. Heydarov of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which trains ordinary and senior executive personnel.

According to the relevant training schedule approved by the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Commander of the Internal Troops, officers of the Headquarters of the Internal Troops and the military unit No N located in the Baku garrison conduct theoretical and practical exercises with listeners on tactical, fire, military engineer, communication and military medicine training. The main purpose of the trainings, which will continue until February 23, is to increase the professionalism of the audience by providing them with extensive knowledge of the use, tactical and technical characteristics and rules of use of special equipment, weapons, tools  and facilities used by the police.

In addition, during the sessions, the audience will be informed about how to keep those who committed crimes and who are actively involved in group violations of the law, safety rules when handling weapons, ammunition and imitation tools, the activities of the police officer and the rules of providing first aid during the detection of explosives while performing service-fighting tasks.

The trainees performed all the tasks presented during the training, including the use of individual weapons and special equipment in various conditions (on the streets, in buildings, vehicles, etc.) with special tactical training.

It should be noted that on February 10-16, the troops successfully completed the first stage of training with the students of the School named after A. Heydarov of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Training Center of the Internal Troops.