According to the Action Plan of January-December, 2018 on organizing a joint work for enlightnment of the Internal Troops personnel in order to increase the effectiveness of combating religious radicalism between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations, an event on "Combating religious radicalism: legal and moral approach" was held on November 7, in the military unit “N”.    

   Making an opening speech, the commander of the military unit underlined the importance of the issue and spoke about the need to protect young people from becoming victims of radical religious movements and educate them in patriotic spirit. He said that the personnel`s sense of patriotism, moral and psychological preparation and fighting spirit are at high level. 

   Later making a speech, Sayyad Salahli, the first Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations, said that in the modern world, millions of people were either killed or displaced from their homeland as a result of religious radicalism, its consequence - extremism and terrorism. He regrettably noted that the majority of the recent terrorist attacks in the world are carried out by terrorist groups in the name of Islam, but in fact, they are not related with Islam at all.   

   Drawing attention to the importance of developing tolerance and multiculturalism in the background of such negative acts in the world, S. Salahli said that our country is an example for the world in this regard: “Historically, representatives of different cultures, religions, nationalities and ethnic groups lived in Azerbaijan together as a family in mutual respect,  and this tradition still continues today. In our country, religious freedom is fully provided and representatives of all religions, nations, and ethnic groups have the same rights.”          

   Well-thought state policy plays a major role in the existence of such environment in Azerbaijan, along with religious tolerance, tolerance and multicultural values. After restoration of Azerbaijan`s independence, all necessary conditions and support provided by the state in this area are in the level that could be considered to be an example to the world. Certainly, as in other spheres, Heydar Aliyev made great contribution to the regulation of state-religion relations, and this policy is being successfully continued by the President Ilham Aliyev.   

   S. Salahli also underlined that one of the main threats to the environment of multiculturalism and interreligious tolerance in our country is religious radicalism. He stated as one of the reasons for religious radicalism the lack of awareness and misinterpretation of Islam.   

   Speaking about the importance of religious enlightenment in combating religious radicalism, the Deputy Chairman noted that today, the state policy is being pursued for the protection of national-moral and religious values under the leadership of the President Ilham Aliyev. Establishment of the Fund for Promotion of Moral Values under the State Committee, as well as Azerbaijan Institute of Theology is a prime example of this policy.  

   At the end, the questions of meeting participants were answered.