As a public organization, Council of Veterans exists within Internal Troops and our veterans make a decent contribution to the military- patriotic education of the staff without losing their ties with the Troops. Veterans were invited and attended all significant events of Internal Troops.
On August 4, Deputy Interior Minister – Commander of Internal Troops Lieutenant General Shahin Mammadov met with veterans of Internal Troops. Welcoming the veterans, Commander gave a speech before them and noted that veterans had always been distinguished by their respectable civic positions and social activism in our society.
Lieutenant-General Shahin Mammadov informed the veterans that the development of the Internal Troops, embraced by state care, continues today. Emphasizing the foundation of new military camps in Shirvan and Gabala region, establishment of service places of the military staff and  social welfare in accordance with the modern standarts, the commander noted that 10 members of the Internal Troops, attended the battles, were presented private residences. In order to increase combat effectiveness new modern weapons, special vehicles, combat and other equipment were bought and handed over the military servicemen. In response to this concern, the military staff is always ready to perform the assigned tasks, for this purpose they decisively enhance the professionalism.
In addition to that, the Commander exchanged his ideas and opinions and gave his advices in connection with the organization, protection of public interests, legal education, solving social problems, providing medical care for veterans, strengthening their ties with the military units, educational institutions, youth organizations and learning the experience of veterans in our country and in other countries. It was emphasized that the intensification of meetings of our veterans with the military staff in military units, their role in the formation of military servicemen as patriotic warrior, spiritual and psychological condition must be enhanced.  Expressing confidence that the honorable service path passed by every veteran will serve as an example for current servicemen, and important factor in their education, the Commander informed the veterans about the further expansion of the activity in this direction.
Then the Commander noted the importance of communicating with the veterans living in other regions of our republic and studying their problems. He also informed the veterans about practising wide publicity of public support in the developmental processes of the Internal Troops.
The Commander of the Internal Troops listened to the addresses of the veterans participated in the meeting and gave relevant instructions to the relevant officials.
At the end of the meeting, emphasizing high attention and care to the veterans by the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces and regular control of the issues related to the veterans by Interior Minister Colonel-General Ramil Usubov, the Commander noted the importance to refer the rich life and service experience.
Chairman of the Veterans Council Chingiz Dashdamirov expressed his gratitude to the Commander of the Internal Troops for his attention and care in the organization of this meeting on behalf of veterans.
Recently published book of the veteran of the Internal Troops, poet Elkhan Khazar was presented to the Mr.Commander. Deputy Interior Minister – Commander of the Internal Troops, Lieutenant-General Sh. Mammadov took a memorable photo with veterans.