The Deputy Interior Minister – Commander of Internal Troops, Lieutenant-General Shahin Mammadov met with the newly recruited conscripts of Internal Troops. Commander of Internal Troops welcomed them and noted that the military service is honourable and proud task of young people. He specifically emphasized that under the leadership of the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Mr. Ilham Aliyev great achievements in the army building gave their contribution for strengthening military-patriotic education in our society, increasing public sympathy to the Armed Forces and great enthusiasm of young people for military services. Today, our Armed Forces and Internal Troops of the Interior Minister are embraced with the high attention and care by the Head of State. Service and living conditions of the military staff coincides with the modern standards. Parents confidently send their children to military service and express their satisfaction on the positive realities noticed in our military units.

Lieutent-General Sh. Mammadov noted that the interior Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs always served faithfully to our homeland and statehood for more than 26 years. Our military servicemen demonstrated heroic examples in special public security operations of the territorial integrity. They also demonstrated persistence in fulfilling other significant tasks assigned to military staff of Internal Troops.

The Commander of Interior Troops noted that spiritual and psychological training and professional combat training of the military staff play an important role for maintaining positive traditions in the service activity and continuing successful consequences.  Each soldier should set serving decently and responsively as a main purpose, obtain military knowledge given by their commanders and form as a real warrior.

Emphasizing the military service as a testing school, he pointed out his recommendations on maintaining healthy spiritual atmosphere in the military staff, correct understanding of subordination relations, daily fulfillment of the requirements of military regulations. He wished the soldiers success in military service among the ranks of the troop.

While attending in the military unit, Lieutenant-General Sh. Mammadov took a great interest in service and living conditions, organization of training and education process, and gave relevant tasks to the commander of the military unit.